I’m so Grateful for My Big Brother.

As the very first Big Brother Little Brother coupling in Haliburton County, my Big Brother Greg and I go back a long way.

If you haven’t been a Little Brother, it’s really hard to explain adequately how having a Big Brother can have such a huge impact on your life.  Whenever I felt lost or unloved, I knew there was one person I could count on, my Big Brother Greg.  Greg was a very special friend and role model to me throughout my childhood and teenage years.  Today I am happy to say Greg and I still remain friends and have a father/son bond that will last us a lifetime.

I am very passionate about Big Brothers Big Sisters because without Greg in my life, I would have never had the opportunity to experience this type of interaction with a father like figure.

My life was affected in a very positive way by having Greg as a Big Brother.  “When I received you as a Big Brother, I realized how luck I was but I never told you.  You helped me through the worst days of my life and shared the good days with me.  You are my best friend and nobody can take that away from me”.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Little Brother, Dean in what he describes as a “long overdue thank you”, 14 years after being matched with his Big Brother, Greg!


Bigs Testimonials

“I enjoy the things that we have done together because they were things that I wouldn’t usually see myself doing with out having a Little to do them with.”

“I look forward to the outings to see the difference in Tyler every time that we are out.”

“Teiya is a fabulous young girl and I’m glad that I’m able to be part of her life.”

“I enjoy being a Big Brother very much and that it is more amazing than what I thought it would be.”

“Madison is a very talkative and chatty Little Sister, it’s so much fun.  I get to be a kid again.”


Littles Testimonials

“Kristi has been a very positive part of my life.”

“I continue to feel good about myself when I’m with Wesley, and Wesley is awesome.”

“Lawrence makes me feel good about myself when I’m with him and Lawrence is the greatest Big Brother ever?.”

“I feel very important when I’m with Kristie as Kristie treats me like an equal and not a child.”

“I always feel happy when I’m with Sarah as I know that I can talk to her about anything, and Sarah always makes me laugh.”