Policy to Handle Complaints
This organization has implemented this policy to allow external or internal stakeholders the opportunity to voice their concerns or to submit a formal complaint regarding dissatisfaction with service, specific actions of staff, volunteers or the organization in general. The initial complaint can be made verbally, but should be followed with a formal written complaint if the complainant is not satisfied with the initial response by the Executive Director.

External Complaints
Any external complaints or concerns will be directed to the Executive Director and is to be dealt with in the quickest manner possible. The Executive Director will take the call immediately or return the call within 1-3 days of receiving a complaint. A complainant will be directed to contact the Chair of the Board of Directors if the complaint or concern involves the Executive Director. The Chair will respond within 1-3 days of receiving the complaint.
Board members will be notified of any complaints at the preceding Board meeting to ensure all are aware of the complaint and the resulting actions that were taken. A report will be provided to all Board members at the end of each year, listing all complaints and details of the complaint and action taken.  Access to the external complaints policy will be listed on the organizations website.

Internal Complaints
The Agency recognizes that on occasion an employee may have cause for complaint.
In such circumstances, the employee is to approach the Executive Director to express his/her views and seek a solution, which is fair and reasonable, both to the employee and the Agency. If the dissatisfaction is not resolved, the employee should then contact the President of the Board who will review the issue with the Executive Committee. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

Submitting Complaints through Technology
Complaints can be submitted to the organization through our website and will be addressed by the Executive Director.

Complaint Form