Some Precious Thoughts While Reviewing my Experiences with my “Little Sister” during these nine years.

Dear Little,

Looking back on our nine year togetherness in the Big Brother/Big Sister Association, I would like to share with you how I felt with having your for a “Little Sisters”.

I felt very special when I was accepted as your “Big Sisters” when you were eight years old and I felt honoured indeed when you asked me to be your confirmation sponsor.  I felt excited about our weekly times together when we bowled, walked, shopped or just chatted about our experiences during the early years of our match.

The many times I visited at your home, I felt welcomed and entertained by all of you, your mom, your brother and your grandmother.

I felt confident when you encouraged me to concentrate on my “aim” at bowling when you were only nine years old.

One of our first experiences out of town was travelling to Tim Horton’s Camp in Parry Sound District for a real fun day.  Remember how we both enjoyed the delicious meals and the lawn and water sports!  Then upon our return what a sorrow you experienced when your little dog ran out and was hit by a car.  I felt great pity for you, how brave you were through the first experience of your pain of loss.

I felt proud of you when you read me the stories you composed when you were ten years old.  And I felt amazed at the originality and excitement of your compositions.  And I also felt that you were gifted with imagination and keen ability to write at your young age of eleven.

I felt thrilled and grateful when you were chosen to receive a trip to the Maritimes with other “Littles” from Ontario.  I felt proud of you when you were so determined to work at your match and never gave up.  You were always consistently persevering with it at age twelve.

As I attended your grade 8 Graduation Ceremonies, I emotionally felt that you had left the realm of delightful childhood and were beginning a new life growth.  When you were fourteen I missed our weekly times together but felt filled with joy for you as you were continuing your education and beginning the mystery of becoming independent of your childhood joys and sorrows.

I felt great joy and pride when you were chosen in High School to help tutor a grade nine student in math.  How proud I was of you, yet lonely, to see my “Little Sister” so grown up and self-confident as I attended your High School Graduation Ceremonies!

I fell like a very special person to have been your “Big Sisters” for these past nine years, not because of anything you accomplished or achieved but because of your gift of Life which was and will always be a special gift.

And now, I feel great joy and happiness for you, as you leave for yet another phase of growing and becoming the person you are meant to be as you enter into another new and more intimate stage of Friendship.