Laurie & Lacey

Lacey was only 10 years old when she first met Laurie and that match meeting took place.  Who would have known all of the interesting life changing events that they would create together as a direct result of their relationship with each other.  The match was destined for success right from the beginning.  Lacey nominated Laurie for the Big of the Year award after she was matched with her for a year.  As a result of this letter Laurie was awarded with the Big of the Year Award.  Laurie was so proud of the award and told the agency that Lacey was an amazing Little Sister and that she looked forward to sharing many more adventures in each other’s life.

Well, needless to say Laurie would be amazed by what was to come in the following years of the match. Lacey was able to job shadow no other than the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper in conjunction with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, help teach her to drive and having Lacey in her wedding party for a major event in Laurie’s life.

When Lacey turned 18 the match was formally closed by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes – Haliburton.  This hoever didn’t end the special relationship that they had developed over the 7 years of their match with each other.  Laurie now has a young son and Lacey is a part of his life and she relishes every moment that she gets to spend with him.  Laurie and Lacey believe that their match was a clandestine event that was meant to happen.  They stated that they will always be a part of each other’s life and that they look forward to continuing the relationship as adults.