Friends Forever!

Laurie & Lacey Lacey was only 10 years old when she first met Laurie and that match meeting took place.  Who would have known all of the interesting life changing events that they would create together as a direct result of their relationship with each other.  The match was destined for success right from the [...] Read more


I'm so Grateful for My Big Brother. As the very first Big Brother Little Brother coupling in Haliburton County, my Big Brother Greg and I go back a long way. If you haven't been a Little Brother, it's really hard to explain adequately how having a Big Brother can have such a huge impact on [...] Read more

Precious Moments

Some Precious Thoughts While Reviewing my Experiences with my "Little Sister" during these nine years. Dear Little, Looking back on our nine year togetherness in the Big Brother/Big Sister Association, I would like to share with you how I felt with having your for a "Little Sisters". I felt very special when I was accepted [...] Read more